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WARNING closed Trail  from Camping Ruisseau des pitounes to the Camping du Lac Beaulieu of the Matane Wildlife Reserve.

Please note that some sections of the IAT-QC were severely affected by Tropical Storm Arthur. Several fallen trees blocking the trail and some bridges were destroyed.

To date we have not information for all sections, but we confirm the closure of the Matane Wildlife Reserve between Camping of ruisseau des pitounes to Camping du Lac Beaulieu and a section of Upper- Gaspé between  Anse-Pleureuse and Gros Morne.

On sections of the Parc de la Gaspésie and Forillon Park, it seems that they are in good condition and for now these are the only sections that we recommend.

We try to have a full report of all sectors in the coming weeks, and we recommend that you call us at 418-562-7885 or send us an email before taking a hike.

In the Status section of the trail, you will find more information by segment.

Eric Chouinard
Director of SIA-QC

TDLG on Foot 2014


In September, hike to pure pleasure! The Traversée de la Gaspésie (TDLG) invites hiking enthusiasts to register now. The first TDLG on Foot, the latest offspring of the TDLG trans Gaspé Peninsula adventures, will take place from September 27 to October 4.

Put on your boots. As the mountains of the Gaspé put on their brightest fall colours and whales sport in the waters near the shore, 125 hikers will first measure their abilities in the mountains in the Chic-Chocs by climbing Mont Albert, Mont Jacques-Cartier and Mont Xalibu. Then, they will be welcomed by the communities of Rivière-Madeleine, Grande-Vallée, Petite-Vallée, Saint-Yvon and Anse-à-Valleau along the north side of the Upper Gaspé Peninsula. Their adventure will come to an end along the ridges and pebble beaches of Forillon National Park of Canada. "Having hiked in Spain, France and all over the place in North America, I'm sure people will be absolutely amazed by the sheer beauty of our Gaspé Peninsula,” assured Claudine Roy, the organisation"s president.

Charmed by the beauty of the Gaspé's winter scenery when she participated in the latest edition of the TDLG cross-country skiing event, Pascale Buissières enthusiastically accepted to become the spokesperson for the first TDLG on Foot. "Last winter, I discovered the splendours of the Gaspé Peninsula blanketed in its thick white mantle for the first time. The Traversée was an emotion-filled initiation, an epiphany! This fall, I"ll have the immense privilege of being the spokesperson for the TDLG on Foot. It’s an on-going love story, and you’re invited… to fall in love with our most beautiful summits, soaring headlands that plunge into the sea, and autumn dressed in its brightest colours. Irresistible!

An unusual inauguration.  The TDLG on foot will end on a very special high note: the inauguration of North America’s first Grande Randonnée (GR) trail, the GRA1, slated to take place at Forillon on October 3. In partnership with the International Appalachian Trail - Québec (IAT), the TDLG will invite TDLG hikers and the public to participate in this unique, international event. According to general manager Maïté Samuel-Leduc, “The IAT trails, which feature exceptional scenery and accessible hiking conditions easily rival the grande randonnéetrails I’ve hiked in Europe. The TDLG offers hikers the opportunity to participate in a unique event in an enchanting setting.”

Treats and safety. As it does for its cross-country ski event, the TDLG will offer a safe environment, experienced guides, gourmet meals featuring Gaspé Peninsula terroir products and a festive atmosphere in the evening where the region’s artists will share their talents.

Hop on your bike! The third TDLG on Wheels will be held next July 5 to 12. The cyclists will take to the road at Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, setting off on a 450-km adventure to Rivière-au-Renard by way of Chaleur Bay, Percé and Gaspé. Sign up now, there’s still room for more cycling enthusiasts!

Ski to pure pleasure! The next TDLG on ski will be held february 21 to 28 2015. Sign up on our web site from the septembre 3rd.

About the TDLG. Every year since 2003, the Traversée de la Gaspésie has hosted an unforgettable week of cross-country skiing in the enchanting setting of the Gaspé Peninsula. The week of merry-making, skiing, friendship, personal challenge, pleasure, seaside and mountains brings together men and women of all ages, from all walks of life and from around the world. In the same spirit, it has also offered a week of cycling every year since 2012, and in 2014, it will be adding a week of hiking.

The TDLG receives financial support from the Government of Canada, the Government of Québec, Ville de Gaspé and local development centres as well as from the Gîte du Mont-Albert, Desjardins, Belle Gueule and Le Brise-Bise.

Source: Maïté Samuel-Leduc
General Manager



This site was created in order to help you plan hikes in our trail.  Whether you are looking to go hiking for a whole day, a whole week, or a whole month, you will find most of the information you need here.  Feel free to visit our site in order to get your plans started!


The International Appalachian Trail - Quebec (IAT-QC) is pleased to present the press release prepared jointly with the French Federation of Hiking (FFRP), to confirm the signing of a protocol of collaboration that will lead, October 3rd 2014 for approval to the first GR trail  in America, the GR A1.

This agreement also confirms the support of the FFRP to promote among French and European  hikers
the young trail involved in. Branding destination wilderness of Quebec and the Gaspé Peninsula.

For more information on this agreement, don't hesitate to contact us.


Eric Chouinard

Press release (French Only)

The IAT-QC hiking season runs from June 24 to Thanksgiving (in Canada). 

From early May to 24 June, the trail is still closed, but it is possible to hike under certain conditions. Please check with the IAT-QC. We are in the boreal forest so, there is still snow in some areas and there is always a multitude of fallen trees in trails affecting hiking at this time of year. For reasons of safety and environmental protection, hikers are not allowed to move before opening.

After the Thanksgiving, the trail is considered closed due to various factors such as: the moose in the Matane Wildlife Reserve, the rut of caribou in the Gaspésie National Park, closing national parks and climate conditions vary greatly (early snow in the highest peaks), so for these reasons we can't practice long hike. But under certain conditions, it is possible to circulate in parts of IAT-QC. For more information, please contact the Office of the IAT-QC at (418) 562-7885 or Our office is usually open from Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm during the hiking season and once a week when out of season.

Available now for 2014 - Packages of guided hike from 1 to 5 days with luggage and shelter facilities.

If you are looking for information about the state of the trail, please visit the State of the Trail section.

The purchase of topographic maps or of a topoguide should be considered, may your hike be a short one or be a longer trip. 

Also, we offer promotional items which you can order by filling out the right form. All funds collected go towards the constant improvement of the trail!

You should also consult The Accommodation section where all the relevant information about your accommodation options on the trail can be found.

The Partner Service Network should come in handy whether you are looking for an accommodation outside of the trail, a shuttle service, a restaurant or an adrenaline rush!  The Partner Service Network will help you get more out of your hiking experience.

However, if after visiting the website you still have questions, feel free to contact us. 

In the meantime, we hope that your tour around our site will lead you to memorable hiking experiences!

-The IAT-QC Team




Matane, Chic-chocs -> Matapédia Valley, Matane Wild Life Reserve, Gaspésie National Park, Upper Gaspé, a small area west of Gaspé Coast

Baie-des-Chaleurs -> Southern area of the Matapédia Valley

Gaspé -> most of the eastern part of Gaspé Coast and Forillon Canada National Park


Color code:

Blue, ''bas'': low

Green, ''modéré'': moderate

Yellow, ''élevé'': high

Red, ''extrême'': extreme


Matane, Chic-chocs -> Matapédia Valley, Matane Wild Life Reserve, Gaspésie National Park, Upper Gaspé, a small area west of Gaspé Coast

Baie-des-Chaleurs -> Southern area of the Matapédia Valley

Gaspé -> most of the eastern part of Gaspé Coast and Forillon Canada National Park


Color code:

Blue, ''bas'': low

Green, ''modéré'': moderate

Yellow, ''élevé'': high

Red, ''extrême'': extreme

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