The Maps

These maps are presented to give a general idea of the course of the trail. However, if you are planning a hike, you should buy the topographic maps which present information about the distances, the access trails and the campsites. Even if you are planning a short hike, it is highly recommended that you buy the topographic map related to the area you are going to hike in. Finally, it will be easier for IAT-QC employees to answer you questions if you have the topographic maps with you.  


General information

Topographic maps are available and can be ordered at our offices.

On the back of these cards you will find descriptive articles providing information on sections of the trail.

To order topographic maps, books for hikers, you could visit our online store. Please take note that for the National Park Forillon, we must offer photocopying.

We also invite you to become a member for $ 10, and thus promote the sustainable development of this beautiful trail.

Check out the cards

Avenza Maps

 This mobile application allows you to geolocate your position from our different maps of the territory.

 To read any of our maps through Avenza Maps, simply download the maps from the download file to your   phone.

 Several other maps such as Sépaq are accessible via the Mapstore of Avenza Maps. You can access the   maps directly in the application.

IAT-QC General Map



Matane Wildlife Reserve SEPAQ Map

Gaspesie National Park SEPAQ Map

Forillon National Park of Canada Map