The Companion 10th edition


Consult the Long Hike Guide of IAT-QC to help you plan your long hike. It contains all the information Played for the hiker along the 650 Km. Example: Location where to stay, showering, nourishment of, etc. Updated in February 2020.



The Companion


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Here are some changes made to the long hiking guide the Assistant, 7th and 8th edition.

Changes to the 7th and 8 th edition 

  • Fees and regulations was change.
  • Passport does'nt exist now.
  • It is allowed to camp in the Adams Park near Nature Adventure, but there is now a fee.
  • The Café Grocery Chez Casimir in Matapédia is closed.
  • Motel Restigouche is closed.
  • We can not camp at Camp Sable Chaud anymore.
  • There are now Water Boxes at Cabourons Refuge and Grand Falls Campground.
  • Mont-Louis: The St-Maxime Motel has become the Auberge restaurant L'Amarré and the Motel Ro-Zach no longer exists.
  • Anse-Pleureuse: The cottage is closed.
  • Gros-Morne: Resto Chez Gina is now named Restaurant RoClo
  • Grande-Vallée: The inn Richard is now called Motel Richard, Motel Grande-Vallée is now called Hotel-Motel Grande-Vallée Des Monts