The IAT blazing

International Appalachian Trail

Trail blazing

Trail BlazingTo mark the trail, 35 000 white and blue blazes have been installed on both sides of the 650 km of the trail. The blazes are made of an aluminium plaque of 2” X 6”, with the inscription SIA/IAT. Generally they are installed within a visible distance of each other. When we quit one blaze, usually we can see the next one.

IAT Quebec emergency system markers

IAT Quebec Emergency System MarkersThe IAT is a linear trail of 650 km. Markers of 13cm X 13cm have been installed along the trail that will help to easily locate the place where an accident occurred. Those markers are also useful to hikers as reference points. Point 0 is at Cape Gaspé and point 650 at Matapédia.