Tips and Emergency protocol



Safety tips


Team of 3 persons

For a hike, it is always recommended to form a team of 3 persons. If an accident occurred, a hiker stays with the person in need and the other goes to reach help noting the nearest reference point and the access road. This information is most useful for the Emergence System 911.

Cell Phone

The use of a cell phone is not always possible on many sections of the IAT. On the summits we sometimes succeed. In case of emergency we must go and reach a phone to call 911. This organisation will need clear indications on the location of the wounded person to pass the information to rescuers. Figures on the markers represent the distance from Cape-Gaspé.

Emergency Plan of Matane Wildlife Reserve

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    Poste John / Montagne à Valcourt


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    Montagne à Valcourt / Lac Beaulieu


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    Lac Beaulieu / Ruisseau Bascon


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    IAT Matane MRC

Repertory for 911



The IAT-Quebec Repertory for 911 contains:

  • Map of trails and access roads.
  • GPS positioning of trail markers and access roads.
  • List of person to contact to organize a rapid rescue.
  • Instructions for hikers to know what to do in case of emergency needing rescue and evacuation.
  • Information giving the way to follow in order to reach the marker where the wounded person is, such as approach roads to go on, condition of forest roads and ATV trails, parking for an ambulance and trail sections accessible only on foot.