Food drop

Two options are offered along the trail for food drops.

Post office and partners

You can send packages of dry food in advance in some post offices along the IAT (list below) and some of our partners. A list with the addresses will follow. Please make sure to use the format presented below.

NB: For the Gaspésie National Park (Service Center), add your passport number or your reservation number.


Your name
Full address of the post office 
or the partner

(Date you plan to collect the package on)

For information : Sentier international des Appalaches
Telephone : (418) 560-4642  


Addresses of post offices and Partners

Canada Post Telephone: 1-866-607-6301


Post office Matapédia

3, rue MacDonnel

Matapédia, QC, G0J 1V0

(418) 865-2188


Post office Gros-Morne

8A Rue Principale

Gros-Morne, QC, G0E 1L0

(418) 797-2434


Post office Causapscal

480, St-Jacques Nord

Causapscal, QC, G0J 1J0  

Tel : (418) 756-3869



Post office Grande-Vallée

7, St-François-Xavier Est

Grande-Vallée, QC, G0E 1K0

(418) 393-2090


Amqui Camping

CP 5025

Amqui, QC, G5J 3S5

(418) 629-3433


Post office (Express) Petite-Vallée

Open only in afternoon

45 Rue Principale

Petite-Vallée, QC, G0E 1Y0

(418) 393-2152


Post office St-Vianney

125, Av. Centrale

St-Vianney, QC, G0J 3J0

(418) 629-3705



Post office St-Maurice de l’Échouerie

51, Chemin de l’église

St-Maurice de l’Échouerie, QC, G4X 1P0   

 (418) 269-3612



Tamagodi Camp (West of the Matane Wildlife Reserve)

696, Route 195

St-René-de-Matane, QC,

G0J 3E0  

(418) 224-3340



Post office Anse-à-Valleau

922, boul. de l’Anse-à-Valleau

L’anse-à-Valleau, QC, G4X 1L0     

418) 269-5497



Discovery and Service Center

1981, Route du Parc

Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, QC, G4V 2E4  

 (418) 763-7494



Ancêtres Camping

865, de l’Anse-à-Valleau

Anse-à-Valleau, QC, G4X 4A1 

 (418) 269-5411




Post office Mont St-Pierre

104A Rue Prudent-Cloutier

Mont-St-Pierre, QC, G0E 1V0

(418) 797-5160



Post office Rivière-au-Renard

41, Bl. Renard Est

Rivière-au-Renard, QC,

G4X 1S0    

 (418) 269-3768


Post office Mont- Louis

91avenue O

Mont-Louis, QC, G0E 1T0

(418) 797-2370


Auberge Cap-aux-Os

Attention : Gilles Shaw

2095, boul. Grande-Grève

Forillon, Gaspé, QC, G4X 6L7   

(418) 892-5153


In the Matane Wildlife Reserve

Food-drop boxes are set in place at the entrance of Des Pins Parking lot (KM 458),  Lac Matane Campground and at the entrance of Petit-Sault Campground. One can either drop the food themselves or use the food-dropping service for $45 (Des Pins, Lac Matane) or $55 (Petit-Sault, for 2 or the 3 places), if the package is sent two weeks in advance. We charge $100 to $125 for an on demand or a last minute delivery.


Des Pins Only (KM 458): 45$+txs

Lac Matane Onlyt: 45$+txs

Petit-Sault Onlyt: 55$+txs

2 resupply points or more: $ 45 + txs if the farthest is Lac Matane and $ 55 + txs if the farthest is at Petit-Sault.


Adress of IAT-QC for sending your box, by mail, bus or other:


968 avenue du Phare Ouest,

Matane, QC

G4W 1V7

Telephone: 418-560-4642

For Gaspésie National Park

Other than using the postal service to the Discovery and Services Centre it is also possible to use the shuttle service for the long hike in the park in order to drop food at different locations. These are the Pluvier refuge by Cascapedia Lake, the Huard refuge by Thibeault Lake, and the Jacques-Cartier Mount camping place, it is also possible to make a deposit at the Nyctale or Chouette refuge.

. You should contact the Discovery and Services Centre (SEPAQ) to book (72 hours in advance) and pay for the food drops. Here is the number (Information, Reservation, Cost): 418-763-7494.

International mail

For a shipment from one country to another, list the contents of the package using the form provided by the post office. The more accurate the declaration, the less likely your package will be retained at the customs. Remember that international mail takes longer to reach its destination. Keep the original packaging with the product description.

Before you send us a food parcel if you are outside Canada, please contact us for other options. Email: or by phone: 418-560-4642.