The Companion 8th edition


Consult the Long Hike Guide of IAT-QC to help you plan your long hike. It contains all the information Played for the hiker along the 650 Km. Example: Location where to stay, showering, nourishment of, etc. Updated in April 2018.



The Companion


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Here are some changes made to the long hiking guide the Assistant, 6th and 7th edition.

Changes to the 7th edition (April 2018)

  • It is allowed to camp in the Adams Park near Nature Adventure, but there is now a fee.
  • The Café Grocery Chez Casimir in Matapédia is closed.
  • Motel Restigouche is closed.
  • We can not camp at Camp Sable Chaud anymore.
  • There are now Water Boxes at Cabourons Refuge and Grand Falls Campground.
  • Mont-Louis: The St-Maxime Motel has become the Auberge restaurant L'Amarré and the Motel Ro-Zach no longer exists.
  • Anse-Pleureuse: The cottage is closed.
  • Gros-Morne: Resto Chez Gina is now named Restaurant RoClo
  • Grande-Vallée: The inn Richard is now called Motel Richard, Motel Grande-Vallée is now called Hotel-Motel Grande-Vallée Des Monts

Changes to the 6th edition

  • Changing passport information (addition of 3 kinds of passports)
  • Prices of accommodation and regulations for reservations is updated.
  • The post office of Manche d'Épée is closed.
  • P.47 companion, there is a mistake in the table of distances between the camping La Camarine and camping Mont Jacques-Cartier. It is registered 0.3 KM, but the distance is 13.3 KM
  • For the shelter from Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs, the key must be requested at the post office, not at the convenience store is now closed.

  • For the shelter from Sainte-Marguerite, there is no key to search. The shelter is permanently unlocked.

  • The Ste-Marguerite convenience store are closed.
  • The Shelter of Manche d'Épée has been relocated near Anse-Pleureuse, now it was call Shelter of Ruisseau-Flétan. (See new map of Haute-Gaspésie in the section maps)
  • The Upper-Gaspé distance table was updated.
  • Accomodation near Manche d'Épée and Madeleine: 

    Motel du Rocher et Chalets, 53, Rte Principale RR 2, (Manche d’Épée) Madeleine-Centre QC G0E 1P0 418-393-2425; Camping Chalet Bel-Air, 99, route Principale, Madeleine-Centre (Qc), Canada, G0E 1P0, 1 418 281-3449; Auberge Restaurant Chez Mamie Enr, 195, Rte Principale RR 2, Rivière-Madeleine QC G0E 2B0 418-393-2212; Hôtel Motel Bon Accueil ,208 Principale, Madeleine-Centre QC G0E 1P0  418-393-2323.

  • The Shelter of the marina Rivière Madeleine: No longer available in 2017 as a choice of accommodation in Rivière Madeleine.

Changes of 7th edition

  • Hikers are allowed to camp for in Adam Park (near Nature Aventure), but now you have to pay some fees.
  • Chez Casimir is a grocery/coffee shop with local products in Matapédia, is now close.