State of the Trail

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The IAT-QC hiking season runs from June 24 to the Thanksgiving (in Canada).  

Trail General conditions

SIA-QC Trail Opening Report June 24, 2018

As of June 24th and despite some problems, we can confirm the opening of the SIA-QC for the 2018 season. Including the accommodation sites that are also all available (excluding the Mont Blanc refuge in the Matane reserve which is no available for an indefinite period).

We invite you to read the information by sector for more details on the few problems known or to be corrected in 2018.

Happy hike ...

Eric Chouinard, director.



Please note that section was difficult.

The first inspection outings should be around June 2, 2018

Matapedia Valley

The first inspection outings should be around June 2, 2018


June 18, 2018

The Three Sisters Trail is now reopened.

June 14, 2018

We made 2 modifications to the St-Alexandre and Montagne sector trail in Fournier. I send you the file with the 2 Garmin GPS tracks.

New GPS Tracks


May 28, 2018

The few km of market path so far = a lot of fallen trees

Gaétan Roy, responsible for the Matapédia Valley


May 22, 2018

The area of the Seigneurie du Lac Matapédia to Trois-Soeurs.

The trail is hard to find because it saw only one IAT-QC beacon.
There were about  thirty trees fallen in the path, very difficult to go to the shelter. There is also a tree that has brought down the dry toilet at the Trois Soeurs shelter.

Report of the volunteer Alain Desrosiers

Matane Wildlife Reserve


Please note that the vegetation makes the wet trail and sometimes more difficult to follow. The difficulty level of this sector is high.

Opening report of the MRC Matane 2018 sector trail

On June 23rd, the section of the MRC de la Matanie which starts at beacon B395 (east limit between Gaspésie Park and the Matane Wildlife Reserve) to beacon B468 (limit to West, at the intersection of Route 195 and Matane Wildlife Sanctuary Road) was inspected and cleared of trees that fell during the last few months.

Overall, although there is still work to be done in all areas, the trail is open and in good condition for the long, self-sufficient hike, including accommodation sites that are also available. Excluding, however, the Mont Blanc Refuge which is unavailable for an indefinite period.

For the one-day hike, there are still inspections to be done and improvements to be made on several routes, but for the 11 hike suggestions in the Matane Wildlife Reserve, only two routes (Ruisseau de Ruisseau West and West Mountain Trail) remain unopened for the time being.

Information by section received from sponsors - volunteers (sponsors' reports):

- B395 to B373 Limit of Parc Gaspésie at Camping Ruisseau Bascon (P = Hubert Blais)

Activities and notes: Some trees removed / Branch pruning / Addition and replacement of signaling /

Housekeeping makes shelter and toilet. / The picnic table Mr. Whear had brought dropped under the weight of the snow. It should be pierced and bolted. / The Zip of the canvas (the plastic teeth) of the shelter is exposed to the height of the mosquito net on 2 inches, not easy to repair. The bottom of the mosquito net is broken. / The tags SOS 373, 371, 366 are missing.

Trail condition: A few muddy sections in the Matawee climb / Small patches of snow in the trail near 1000m / Snow patches down the matawee to the Fortin / Large snow patch on the Matawee slope at the junction to the Fortin so a lot of water in this area

Basically the trail is in good condition and allows unhindered traffic. / Link to Photos:!Ank6Y4S7Q2bmguhqEBr7YJEfv3Gevw


I did not sort but it gives you an idea of ​​the state of the trail ... and the fact that it is the most beautiful area :)

I plan to return once or twice before the end of June and hope to return in August.

Note on the fall sector Hélène: hikers told me that the bridge was in very bad condition. I did not go to the hostel so I did not see it.


- B374 to B380 Camping Bascon Creek / Helene Falls to Highway 1 in the Reserve (P = Charles Whear)

On Wed 20 June 2018 at 17:52, charles whear <> wrote:

I completed the maintenance of the section Cap-Chat River at Bascon Creek. I cut trees remove branches. It misses the marker 379 and I blocked the access to the chute Helene she is unstable and the legs were washed away by the current. The picnic table at Bascon is broken by snow load. It will be repaired by hostel employees in 10 days. I forgot to warn the hostel for the bridge, if you had the kindness to warn them, they will probably fix it I had no tools for this work. From my iPhonesi


- B380 to B397 Camping Petit-Sault (route 1) to Lac Beaulieu campsite (P = Eric Chouinard)

Sent June 24: I went to open the section between Lake Beaulieu and Nicol-Albert on Saturday, June 23 ... There were twenty trees to cut and I also passed a roll of tape to improve the markup in certain sections. I also added the hooks for the food bags in the dry toilets of Beaulieu Lake and Petit-Sault. It remains a good physical challenge to do this chore at the beginning of the season ... and for hikers in autonomies!


- B397 to B402 Camping Lake Beaulieu at the summit of Mont Blanc (P = Stéphane Lévesque)

Posted on June 18th by texto: I opened Beaulieu Lake at the top of Mont Blanc. I also built a bridge with a tree to cross Beaulieu Creek at the head of the lake. It will replace the rope (60 feet minimum) that helps us with this crossing.


- B402 to B414 Top of Mont Blanc at Lac-Gros-Ruisseau campsite (P = Daniel Bélanger)

This section was visited on June 22 by the new maintenance team in 2018. There were a dozen trees to cut and we did the cleaning of the shelter and toilet at the Craggy campground. We also added markers on the Craggy Campground access trails and installed food deposit hooks in the dry toilet.


- B415 to B421 Lake Gros-Ruisseau Lake Matane (P = Jean-Claude Bouchard)

From: Jean-Claude Bouchard <>
Date: June 21, 2018 at 11:31
Subject: Interview report - Mont des Clercs;

First maintenance visit of the trail on 3 June with Suzelle, from Matane Lake to the first logging road, with a large pruner: removal of branches and small fallen trees, shrub and coniferous tree size, laying of tags. 7 hours in the path. I knew that the SIA had to spend the week clearing the trail for the long-distance training on June 8, 9 and 10, when the group was going to sleep at the Gros-Ruisseau Lake campground. Presence of good snow patches up to 700 m. Gaétan has cleared this section of the trail in the week.
Second day of maintenance on June 16 with Suzelle from Lake Matane, to go to the maintenance of the section of 0.9 km of the Desjarlais Peak, with sciotte and big secateurs: trees not too big sawn, removal of branches and small fallen trees, size of shrubs and coniferous branches, and additional markers on the AIS section. 6 1/2 hours in the trail. No mosquitoes. The view of the mountains at the end of the Desjarlais section has improved with regrowth in the logged areas, see attached photo.
Signage remains adequate at the IAT junction with the Desjarlais section.
Jean Claude

- B422 to B435 Matane Lake to Lac Tombereau (P = Louis Fradette)

On June 7, 2018 at 8:07 pm, louis fradette <> wrote:

Hi Eric, Here's a short report from our first outing to West Mount. / The volunteers: Denis Bernier, René Roy, Réjean Blouin and Louis Fradette / The trail is in good condition after the sawing machine (3) between Lake Matane and the junction for the summit of Mount West. / The campsite is in good condition: toilet, platform and shelter. Only the mosquito net is torn. AND one of the platforms will have to be braced to ensure stability (it leans forward). / The next outing will have completed the interview between the riv. Duvivier and Mount West. And the top of Eagle's Nest Mount would also be the subject of small interviews ... / We had 2 cars and 3 saws. We only ask for the cost of a car (160 km). The other fees are a sponsorship from the friends of the SIA: René and Denis and Réjean. An annual card could be their reward !!!
Louis Fradette

- B435 to B441 Camping Lac Tombereau at Beacon 441 (P = André Mimeault)

This section has not been inspected as of June 23rd ... To be continued

- B441 to B446 between camping Lac Tombereau and camping ruis. Pitounes (P = Eddy Pellerin)

From: Eddy Pellerin <>
Date: June 14, 2018 at 17:00

Hello, Take note that the sector Pitounes was cleaned from the top of the shortcut Tombereau km440 to km445. Report attached. There were many trees across the trail including several small windfalls.

- B446 to B458 a little before camping ruis. from Pitounes to route 1 (P = Gaétan Desrosiers)

This section was one of the first opened by the sponsor and responsible for the Matane committee for the interview. Mr. Gaétan Desrosiers ... Thank you Gaétan for your involvement.

- B458 to B463 From Route 1 (Pins parking) to the intersection of Route 195 (P = Louis Bouchard).

A first visit by Mr. Bouchard had revealed several problems (trees, bridges, floods). Chores took place with the involvement of Gaétan Desrosiers and the new maintenance team. Two sections have been redeveloped with bypasses and markup improvements to be made to a section east of the Matane River Shelter, but the trail is open as a whole. We also cleaned and installed food deposit hooks in the dry toilet.

Gaspesie National Park

Opening trails for day trips: May 19, 2018

Opening of the Trail for the Long Trek: June 24, 2018

Upper Gaspe

2018 Upper-Gaspé Sector Trail Opening Report

The path has been traveled in almost all thanks to a dozen volunteers, THANK YOU!
We are continuing inspections in the next two weekends (June 30 and July 7).
Some Beacons are to change or add and other types of work including clearing to predict in some sector mid-July, beginning of August.

In Mont-Saint-Pierre, from the beacon 230 we suggest to continue the road 2 or Route Pierre Godefroi Coulombe which leads to the village because the last 2 km of the Trail along the river have been flooded by the latter.
The rise of the Mont-Saint-Pierre Delta remains steep but open. Are under discussion with the Municipality for these 2 problems

205 to 198 L'Anse Pleureuse at Gros-Morne; Sector partially encumbered by scrub; will be cleared in July.

191 to 183 Gros-Morne with Sword Mace. It's a wide road and road 132. We have not checked yet ...

183 to 170 Manche d'Epée at Madeleine Center; We plan to clear brush in July. Still to see 175 to 170 (shared with Mtb).

165 to 150 Madeleine - Grande-Vallée. Inspection to come ....
Work planned at camping Grand Saut next Saturday for the improvement of places.

Looking forward to walking with you!


If you need information on the specific trail, Clémence 418-967-1356




June 9 th

The checkup of this section is almost finished. The trail is in pretty good shape, few trees fallen will be cleaned up soon. At 62,5 km, a bridge is not  working, we must walk in the water, very shallow.


June 22 th

The bridge at 62,5 km is now working.


Jean-Marc Hardy 418-368-9242

Forillon National Park of Canada

Opening for short and long hike: June 1, 2018