State of the Trail

Check this page every week to see the information about each sections of the trail.

The IAT-QC hiking season runs from June 24 to the Thanksgiving (in Canada).  

Trail General conditions


As of June 24, we are confirming the opening of the trail for the 2017 season, but it is important to note that some sections in the Matapédia Valley have not yet been inspected and there are still trees to be cut along this section.

For the Chic-Chocs and Côte-de-Gaspé sectors, the trail was inspected and the trees cleared.

Please read the reports by sector, for more details on current problems and alternatives.

Further maintenance work and follow-up will take place in the coming weeks and we remind you that it is important to return to the Trail Condition section before your departure.

Thank you to our many volunteers for their annual implications to ensure the opening of the trail.




NEW REGULATION for hikers during the period of hunting in the Matane Wildlife Reserve

Read the following document for complete information

Hiking in the Matane Wildlife Reserve in times of Hunting



Please note that section was difficult.

Avignon -  June 23, 2017 :

Some sections in the Matapedia Valley have not yet been inspected and there are still trees to be cut along these sections.

For Clark Creek Canyon, there is 1 bridge that was blown off the stream. Hikers have to cross three forests this summer. Be careful, some bridges that date from the beginning of the trail are rotting since the canyon is permanently wet. We will have some corrections to be made to certain sections of the trail along the cliff, because there is erosion and we have to change the safety rope. No trees obstruct the canyon and everything is cleared for 2 km, but you have to be vigilant in some places and get your feet wet more often than last summer.

We are working on the other sectors, we will try to do as much as possible within the next 2 weeks.

Matapedia Valley


May 22, 2017

- From Causapscal to Amqui.

There is a semi-burnt bench and a lot of trash in the Érablière Shelter.

As far as trails are concerned, near marker 552 and 526 signs have fallen, making it difficult to know where the path is.

A little everywhere on the paths of the trees blocks the way, but near marker 551, there is one that is impassable without crawling under the tree.

Near terminal 518, it is a field of felled trees that must be crossed.

Near landmarks 548 and 545 there were landslides that made the trail almost impassable.

Report by Mr Aubé, hiker

Matane Wildlife Reserve


Please note that the vegetation makes the wet trail and sometimes more difficult to follow. The difficulty level of this sector is high.

17 August 2017

Warning!!!! Be careful, there is a wasp nest at KM384.


Long hike, crossing the reserve!

The section that begins on Route 195 to the limits of the Parc de la Gaspésie (Mount Logan) has been inspected by each of the volunteer involved in this sector.

Mainly after the winter, we have to clear the trees that have fallen and repair the bridges that have been moved or have suffered damage after the spring crus.

Small vegetation (ferns, raspberries) which tend to want to regain its rights remains important and can occasionally cause orientation problems.

Regarding signage, it is in good condition along Route 1 to indicate access to the trail, but several signs are missing or broken along the trail. We hope to redo this signage in the year 2017.

Bush clearing is planned for the month of July and the general condition of the trail should therefore be improved for hikers who will walk in the middle or at the end of the season.

One day hike!

As of 24 June, we confirm the opening of 5 day hiking sites (see section,

Attention, it must be emphasized that signage to get to the departure (parking) of the trail of Mount Charles-Édouard Vézina is to be redone due to the change of route of the road 1 that has been deviated. To get to the parking lot from John Station, about 200 M before the starting point, turn right on the old road to the parking lot.

Gaspesie National Park

Opening trails for day trips: May 19, 2017

Opening of the Trail for the Long Trek: June 24, 2017

Upper Gaspe


July 23,2017

From Parc de la Gaspésie, camping Jacques Cartier Between B255 and 141: open! We ask that you be vigilant, some improvements are coming:

2 water tanks must be installed at the Cabourons refuge and Camping du Grand Sault because the stream flows little in August.

Between B242 and 245, water holes in June that leaves perhaps a hole of mud holes, circumventable.

At the 230 mark, we advise you to continue along this road (asphalt road) to the village of Mt-St-Pierre (5 km) because 2 culverts in poor condition and a portion of the trail near the Mt-St river -Pierre (B226 - 225) after the camping of the village, is destroyed by the river of Mt-St-Pierre for about 700 m.

Repair planned in the fall because they have to join the land owners.

The Trail to Mt-Louis, B223 and 221, steep terrain by location, important work to be done 2018 probable.
Between B178 and 175, 3 wooden culverts must be done by fall, mud area or pond.
To open the trail, 40 volunteers have worked valiantly for about 10 days and still have to do ...
Thank you for helping us to keep this Trail !!
The IAT-Upper Gaspé Committee wishes you a wonderful walking season
If you need information on the specific trail, Clémence 418-967-1356


Gaspe Coast


Generally the trail is in good shape. The 5 bridges between St-Yvon and l'Érablière shelter are now in place. Between Petite-Vallée, toward east, and the enter of Pourvoirie Beauséjour, the blazes are stiill near the sea, they will be moved soon to the  132 highway, like we can see on the new map.
The «Les Carrières» campground shelter will be stand up soon, the heavy snow of the last winter got it down.
 We hope you will have a good hike on the Coast!
Gaspésia is very dry. maybe some shelters will not have the usual water supply. The Les Terrasses and Les Carrières campgrounds are dry but remaining streams are near. When you are near these sites, dont miss to fill your jug when you see a stream. The volounters will try to bring water on these sites.  
Jean-Marc Hardy, responsable du secteur de la Côte-de-Gaspé 418-368-9242

Forillon National Park of Canada

Opening for short and long hike: June 2, 2017