Our Tru Hikers

This section is completely dedicated to the IAT-QC thru-hikers. 

The IAT-QC recognizes anyone who reports the completion of the entire Trail.  The IAT-QC policy is to operate on an honor system, assuming that those who apply, have hiked all of the IAT-QC between Matapédia and Cap Gaspe (Quebec), either as a Thru-hiker or in sections.

We are inviting you, hikers, thru-hikers, to let us know about you, by filling out the application form to obtain a Certificate of recognition - Thru-Hikers.



We will add , with your consent, your name to our official list of Grand Hiker. (We provide you texe describing, photos, experiences like hiker, your goals, your motivation...)

Application Form   IAT-QC Questionnaire - Hikers


Below the names of certain persons who have obtained a certificate of Grand Hiker .

Thank you for sharing your experience !

This section is for you!


John Hildebrand alias Sycamore

 I finished at Cap Gaspe on Aug 6th 2015!!!!!
Thank you so much for everything that you did for my hike!!!  It was amazing, incredible, and awesome!!!
The people and the scenery were so much better than I expected!!!!


Jean-Claude and Lyne Gingras, Richard Brousseau, Laurence Caufriez

Crossed by hiking trail section from 2009 to 2014.


Simon Bourk, aka Spaz Mcgee


Simon Bourk
Live the crossing of the Appalaches from Gaspe Coast down until Georgia in United States with a man who is passionned by the outdoors and challenge.  Follow him during eight months filled with adventure, new places and new encounters, while he will be walking over 4574 kilometres across two Canadian provinces and twelve states.   All relevant information is on his Internet site and his blog (in French only) which are often up-dated.  Some updates will be posted in English.

Simon Bourk's Blog and Internet Site:  

Isabelle Lacharme


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If this happened in the Third day of my trip, in Forillon Park.

I was walking path not large enough singing backpacking. I saw in the distance (about 35 m, the car I'm nearsighted), a black spot on the edge of the woods ... Who moved (But not stain wood). I thought FIRST Whether it was a dog THEN adjusting my glasses I Thought That It was our youth.

I kept silent and I stopped and Whereas net. So I Heard a noise in the woods behind the animals ... and He Is back in the woods QUICKLY without Pushing his curiosity to me. But ... the noise in the woods If approached me and I saw ... A female ours come to my meeting, slipping behind the first row of trees. If it is DETERMINED to my height, either about 5 m From where I was, and if it is standing on its hind legs. Was she behind PIN A red (not sure of my knowledge trees) and a shake OPEN A small trees around her.

She never grumbles ... From my side, I think of my dried fish What I had in my backpack and INSTRUCTIONS read on the internet about a Possible meeting with a bear. I got compliant, ie I face the animal without looking in my eyes, I'm talking about him with my sweet voice apologizing to Be an intruder in his Natural environment is He and high demand to let me pass only. Je tinting my bell and I expected she sort of hiding his evil is to whistle in her ears. But she remained Where It Was. I did the Prime Minister Made motion backwards In no UN IN THE SENSE Where I had to pour me say to her face. OTHER THEN A step ... and so on SEVERAL meters, slowly and to ring my bell.

She let me go and I took time to dare to turn around and go my way at a normal pace . I looked for a moment over my shoulder if she was following me . But I saw nothing .

Walkers met later listened to my story and turned back , too afraid to meet her. It seems not to have fear, because in my mind and not my emotions at this time. Am I naive or completely unaware of the danger?

John Stough, aka Plugger John



John Stough, alias Plugger John,  hike the IAT from Maine to Quebec in 2009. This picture was took on June 19 at the entrance of the Matane Wildlife Reserve.

This table presents an assessment of distances and the time required between each step, for sections of Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec. It was designed by John on his hike and it will be useful to create your itinerary, but it is important to note that there were additions of hosting site since this table was created.


On July 7th, John Stouhg sent a email.  Here it is.

Hello again,
Now at the internet cafe at Mont-Louis for a quick note before pushing on.
The Matane section certainly has more fauna than people. Encounters with:
Moose 7, Hikers 2, Beavers-in-the-middle-of-the=trail 1. The 15 km section between Lac Beaulieu and Le Petit Sault is very time consuming.
A fast experienced hiker as well as Tank took 9 hours to finish, an average hiker 12 hours, and a slow hiker like me in the rain 14 hours.  Anyone going north from the summit of Mt. Nicole Albert to Le Petit Sault should be sure to have 4 to 6 hours of daylight.  In case of darkness, the trail is hazardous and there is no place to pull off for an emergency camp site.

The Gaspesie section alone is worth the trip. Even a pragmatist like me was impressed with the views and enjoyed a seat-of-the-pants tobaggon slide across the snow on Mont Albert. Met Tank on June 30 as he zoomed past me.  Must be almost in Newfoundland by now. 
Am looking forward to the final sunny coastal home stretch and should be at Cap Gaspe by June 25 and then back to  Maine to summit Katahdin on June 30. This will probably be the last update from the trail.  Will send a written report with a few observations and suggestions toward increasing the number of hikers when I get  back to Boston.

Until then Bonne Chance and Bonne Route to all!
Plugger John

Ron Woodworth


Ron Woodworth is from Howell, Michigan.

On August 18th Ron wrote that he was off the trail for personnal reason and was wrinting some lines about his hike.(09-09-22)

[...]I had a great time, lonely at times compounded by not knowing French but met some very nice people along the way.  In fact not one negative about the Quebec people.  The views, so many great pictures.  The wildlife, the only animal I did not see was a bear, and that is ok with me :)

On July 30th, he should start hiking from Cap Gaspe and he plans on reaching Matapedia on August 28th.  To be continued...

Thomas Cruson, aka Tank


Except for the buying of an accommodation passport and for some comments refering to him that were made by John Stough, the IAT-QC did not receive any information from Thomas Cruson until he was back home.  Little did we about his doings until he wrote to the heads of three IAT chapters (Maine, Nova Scotia, and Newfound Land) on August 31rst.

According to Richard Anderson, head of the Maine IAT chapter, "Tank" makes 90 thru-hikers from Katahdin to Cap Gaspe and 15 [thru-hikers from] Katahdin to Crow Head [Newfound Land]. He is the first one to include Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

He finished hiking the IAT through Maine, New Brunswick, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Newfound Land on August 23rd.

Ursula Struder


Ursula Struder is from Wabern, Swiss.  She is now hiking in the Matapedia Valley section and she is heading towards the Matane Wild Life Reserve. (09-08-07).

Walter Schwannen and Émilie Curnier


Walter Schwannen and Émilie Curnier are from Montreal, Quebec.  They have not started yet, but they should any time soon! (09-08-07)

Ray Hicks, aka 93 Octane

Last year, Ray crossed the whole IAT, stating from Mount Katahdin in Maine.  This year, he came back with two friends to finish the Gaspe Coast section and finished in 10 days the crossing of the IAT in Nova Scotia.  He is now heading towards new summits.  To be continued...

Antoine Provost and Louis Martin Pilote

These two young men, aged 17 and 18, will begin soon a journey that will lead them from John Post, at the entrance of the Matane Wild Life Reserve, to Mont-Saint-Pierre in the Upper Gaspe.  Their goal is to hike during twenty days without any help.  They took their motivation into the desire to see the beauty of the trail, of the mountains, and of the landscapes.  They will give a report when they are back.  To be continued...

Boy Scouts of America - Troop 1776 - Neshanic, NJ

A year ago, scout Tim Cropley had come up with the idea of doing a Venture trek to the IAT/SIA after reading a story about the IAT in Backpacker Magazine. He approached the Troop leadership with a proposal for a trek.  The trek was approved and he and his fellow crew members began to plan out all the details of their journey. The Trek began with a car ride from Hillsborough NJ to the New Brunswick, NJ train station, from there a train to New York City's Penn Station. Next was a 10+ hour train to Montreal, Canada with an overnight stay in the city. The next day began an 18 hour train ride out to Gaspe Canada via Rail Canada. The views of the Canadian countryside were outstanding. Once we arrived in Gaspe, we took a taxi ride to the trailhead where we would be starting. We began at the 81 Kilometer point. This was up along a ridge overlooking the St. Lawrence Seaway.

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2 km after starting we came to a beautiful view with a historic lighthouse (Pointe-a-la-Renommee).

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The trail goes through a small park here and then travels 4 km along the shore to the Village of Anse-a-Valleau.

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The next 26 km goes through some back country which is owned by logging companies. The trail is less traveled and in places, nature is trying to take it back.

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Beavers had flooded many streams and in one location, the trail was rerouted to actually cross along the top of a Beaver Dam.

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We then reached Forillion National Park for the final stages of the trek, The trails and scenery were absolutely beautiful. As we approached the end the trail runs along the Gaspe Bay shoreline and the views just kept getting better.

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We got some nice pictures of a moose who was resting in the woods off the trail.

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We finally arrived at Cap Gaspe and the famous light house there.

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There was a nice set of plaques at the end of the trail as well we then hiked back along the trail to reach a campground in the Park (Petite Gaspe). From there we took a taxi back to town and then the train back home.

It was a beautiful and natural section of trail and a journey we will all remember for the rest of our days.

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Michelle Goulet and Brigitte Desjardins

Michelle and Brigitte are from Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Mikael Swirp and Tara Templin

More information may come later on.

Some dates :

  • Start in Matapedia on July 9th.
  • Were in Amqui on July 17th.
  • Should have been in the Matane Wild Life Reserve on July 19th.
  • On August 1rst, they had completed most of the Gaspesie National Park.
  • They expect to reach Cap Gaspe on August 14th.