Looking for an adventure that fits your tastes and capabilities?

The International Appalachian Trail in Québec offer 650 kilometers of trails, beginning at Matapédia, climbs the picturesque Matapédia Valley, visits Amqui, traverses the Matane Wild Life Reserve.  It then crosses the Gaspésie National Park, where it reaches the summits of Mount Albert and Mount Jacques-Cartier, from which it descends to the Saint Lawrence River at Mont-Saint-Pierre.  There, it follows the shoreline, on capes and through villages to Forillon Canada National Park; it reaches Cap Gaspé, the Micmacs Land's End. With bucolic fields, steep cliffs overlooking the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the Chic-Choc mountains and the MacGerrigle plateau, the International Appalachian Trail offers an infinity of hiking opportunities that can extend from a day hike to a forty day adventure, with difficulty levels ranging between very easy to very hard.

In order to explore this long-distance mountain hiking circuit, we offer self-guided hikes in the three territories (Valley, the Chic-Chocs and The Coast) and packages with a guide from 1 to 3 days of walking in the Chic-Chocs section of Gaspésie National Park and the Matane wildlife Reserve recognized as a mecca for hiking in Quebec.

Our hikes range from easy to difficult. They take place on uneven ground, including varying elevation. They are accessible to anyone in good health with basic hiking experience (day hikes). We walk between 4 and 8 hours a day, with an average distance of 15 km (9 miles) per day. Easier or more challenging hikes are available upon request.

In order to answer to specific interests, we prepare customized packages under the themes of nature and culture for tourists, as well as for schools and businesses.




Departures dates: We offer our hikes anytime between June 25th and mid-October on request, subject to availability of shelters, at least 30 days before the date of arrival. Departures are guaranteed as soon as we confirm a minimum of 4 participants for base camp packages, and a minimum of 4 participants for shelter to shelter packages with luggage transport.





Our packages at glance

  • Base camp packages or shelter to shelter packages with luggage transport that makes the experience accessible to all, carrying a light bag during the day while enjoying comfort at night.

  • Lodging in cabins is simple and comfortable. It is an efficient way to stay in contact with the nature that we visit.

  • Our groups are always small, between 4 and 8 people. Shelters are reserved exclusively for us. 

  • Our menu is prepared with local and organic ingredients from our terroir. The meals are always healthy! We make totally vegetarian menus upon request.
  • We take many breaks along the way, in order to make the most of our presence in the environments we travel through. We rest, take lunch, snacks and water, and we take the time to share information about the nature and the history of our region.

  • Before heading out on each half-day section of the hike, we do a briefing with a map of the trail, in order to let everyone know what type of environment is coming ahead.

  • All our guides are trained and certified in wilderness first aid in remote areas. They carry a complete first aid kit and a communication device. These guides ensure the safety of each outing.

  • By choosing our “Chic” option, you will be charmed to complete your stay at the Chic-Choc Mountain Lodge, a 4-star inn with spa and sauna in the midst of breathtaking scenery!

  • We apply the principles and techniques of the Leave No Trace program in our packages, which ensures responsible use of natural areas and the sustainability of our environment.