These services are offered to autonomous hikers on the IAT in the Matane Wildlife Reserve area.

Baggage Transport

Upon booking and under certain conditions, we offer a baggage and supply transport for long hikes. On average, you can expect a range of $35 to $45 per person per stop-over point. Minimum 4 people. We provide estimates on request.

Car Shuttle Service

Upon booking and under certain conditions, we offer a service which allows you to leave your car at the end of your hiking, biking or canoe trip. The price of this service varies with the distance covered. Estimate on request!

  • Poste John to Chalet #2:   $100                       
  • Poste John to Lac Matane:   $120 
  • Poste John to Mont Blanc:   $130 
  • Poste John to Cap-Chat River:   $140
  • Matane Wildlife Reserve to Discovery Center or Lake Cascapédia:   $240
  • Matane Reserve to Lake Thibault or Jacques-Cartier mount:   $280

Food Drop Information – Matane Wildlife Reserve

Food-drop boxes are set in place at Des Pins Parking (KM 458), at Lac Matane Campground and at Petit-Sault Campground. One can either drop the food themselves or use the food-dropping service for $45 at Des Pins or Lac Matane and $55 at Petit-Sault or two places or all. You have to send the package two weeks in advance. We charge $100 to $120 for an on demand or a last minute delivery.

Made-to-measure activities

Ecotourism activity packages of various lengths. Lodging in log cabins, park chalets or camping. We can organize a wide variety of activities! Estimate on request!


We offer the services of guides on the International Appalachian Trail (IAT) at a cost of $215 per day, including interpretation of the surrounding ecosystems and wildlife, communications and safety equipment. Transport costs of $0.45/km for the guide must be added to this rate. As an option, your guide can organize meals at a cost of $40 a day for all meals (breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks).

Equipment rental

Tents, trekking poles, sleeping pads and other small pieces of equipment. Quantities are limited!

VIA Rail package

With prior booking, we will pick up people from the Amqui train station. The arrival time in Amqui (4:42 AM) allow us to dive directly into the adventure with a moose watching expedition at dawn. The return gives ample time to enjoy the last day, prepare your effects and dinner before leaving for the train station (starting Amqui, 10:59 PM).

Train schedule:

Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: Departure from Montréal at 6:45 PM / Arrival in Amqui at 4:42 AM

Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: Departure from Amqui at 10:59 PM / Arrival in Montréal at 9:15 AM