Our members of the honor


IAT-QC Honorary Members

The IAT-QC would like reward the outstanding dedicationof the people who believed in the the project of the International Appalachian Trail in part or as a whole. 

In this respect the IAT-QC wishes to thank . 

2010 - Richard Anderson



In the beginning of the 90's, Richard Anderson had a dream about making a connection between two countries - the United States of America and Canada- their cultures and their languages using the Appalaches to create such link.  On April 22 1994, Earth Day, gubernatorial candidate Joe Brennan brought the idea the public.

Richard Anderson worked -and keeps on working- to spread his vision of a trail that would bring together the contries whose lanscapes were shaped by the Appalaches, a trail that would create bonds between the peoples who live by these mountains while promoting health, hiking, the protection of the environment and friendship between nations.

The initial project comprised three chapters and two countries.  As of 2010, fourteen chapters in ten countries were added.

The IAT-QC is glad to give for the first time the title of Honorary Member to Richard Anderson for having dared to dream, for believing in his project and making the dream come true.

A Few Words About Dick

IAT-QC Lifetime Members

The development of the International Appalachian Trail in Quebec is made possible not only because of the hiker's participation and the board of directors' motivation, but also because of the generous contributions of its lifetime members.

Each one of them contributes to the yearly maintenance of the trail, as well as to the maintenance and the creation of new infrastructure.  Their donation, ranging between $200 and $300, allows the IAT-QC to improve the trails as well as its organisation.  This section was made to thank each one of them and to offer  the opportunity to present themselves and their motivation.

IAT-QC Lifetime Members, you are invited to contribute, as you are an important part of the IAT-QC!

If you are a visitor, feel free to take a look around.  You are also invited to consult the Get Involved! section to know how you can make a difference for the International Appalachian Trail-Quebec.  Your help will always be welcome!


Nicole Boissinot

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"I am passionate about backpacking and IAT is my field. To 5 star hotels I prefer platforms a million stars. "

Pierre Bornais


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A native of Trois-Rivières , I have traveled the forests of the Haute- Mauricie all through my youth. Fishing and hunting are still part of my daily life. However , I prefer to stay in the forest and long hiking or skiing.

I borrow the International Appalachian Trail several weeks a year or for short day hikes or when a few days outputs. The North Rim and Long Range trail in Gros Morne National Park is one of my favorite places .

I would like to take the SIA Newfoundland sector in the near future.

Marie-Soleil Desautels


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I made the long trek in Quebec, but the SIA that I felt most proud to discover my province , its nature and its people. Thank you to work to make any accessible this beauty!

François Fréchette


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Not a great hiker, nor a great skier, cyclist, canoeist or portageur, but a little while here ....
But especially someone convinced of the importance of projects such as the International Appalachian Trail for regional vitality.

Jean-Pierre Gagnon


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I am one of the founders of SIA Quebec and involved as a volunteer since the very beginning. I participated in the planning and construction of trails long hike from Gaspésie National Park.

Gilles Gauthier


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I live in Gaspé , and I fully enjoying the outdoors . I used regularly the International Appalachian Trail , never invest myself . It's like he was there of course, himself. Until he comes to my ears that the organization needs volunteers to maintain trails and facilities !

We are privileged to have access to these infra- structures. It remains only to maintain them, for us and all the other hikers can enjoy the region and its beauties, safe.

So we need to give time and money ( which represents an excellent investment ) ! And the local team of the MRC Côte de Gaspé is great!

Denis Gilbert


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I am a fanatic of the long hike for several years. In fact, I traveled more than 12,000 km only between 1999 and 2007 with my backpack. I traveled among others all the path from Appalachians to the United States (3,500 km), Long Trail in Vermont (439 km), the tour from the Mont Blanc (TMB) to Europe (170 km), the GR20 in Corsica (180 km), and closer to us the crossing of Charlevoix (105 km), of Estrie (200 km), the Fjord of Saguenay, Saint-Tite-des-Caps. This passion allowed me to develop an expertise which I share on my web site www. VoyagerUltraLeger.com. In 2002, I traveled a big part of the SIA-Qc with my son (to the right on the photo) during 30 days. I am proud to have had the opportunity to share these moments favored with my son and to notice that it met this challenge even if he was only 15 years old. Other big hikes are in preparation.

Mr. Gilbert has again begun to cross the section of the Appalachian Trail Québec August 2, 2015 in Forillon Park and finished September 4, 2015 in Matapedia.

Website: http://www.VoyagerUltraLeger.com

Fred Kirch


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Fred Kirch, whose trail name is « Springfever », is a liftime member of the SIA-QC and the only quebecois and canadian to have hiked the entire 8,000 km long Eastern Continental Trail, from Key West, Florida to Forillon national parc, wich includes the iconic Appalachian Trail and the International Appalachian Trail. A partial list of other trails hiked include the following :

Brandywine Trail, Benton MacKaye Trail, Broght Angel Trail, C&D Canal Trail, C&O Canal Trail, Darlington Trail, Dromore Trail, El Camino de Santiago, Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, Florida Noational Scenic Trail, Grand Canyon Rim to Rim, Horseshoe Trail, Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail, Long Trail, Mason-Dixon Trail, New River Trail, Panhandle Trace Trail, Pinhouti Trail, Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail, South Kaibab Trail

Damien Lemay


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I went to the long ski tour in the Gaspé every winter park , including 2015. I was a pioneer SIA so to speak , in the summer of 2000 I organized my expeditions with cards preliminary in the Valley Matépédia while the trail was still under construction , which has earned us unforeseen complications.

Over the years I have added several sections , so I did about 90% of the total course , parts of which I did several times, the most popular being the Little Falls to MT Logan.

Gaétan Roy


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Responsable of the sector of Matapedia Valley

At 14, I had my first great experience hiking with scouts of the troop of the Seminary of Rimouski.

Indeed, during the summer of 1959, we had been camped for a week at Mount Logan in Gaspésie Park. During that summer, as a monitor to Colonie de Vacances du Cap to the moose (Bic Park), I guided the campers in the steep paths along the bays. It does all it took to give me a taste of hiking I practiced at various times in my life in different Parks and Reserves in Canada, the USA and Europe.

Involved from the beginning as a volunteer in the creation of the International Appalachian Trail, sector Vallée-de-la-Matapedia, I did not hesitate, to retire, to join the team of SIA-Qc of directors to to maintain and improve the tourist attraction that becomes more and more a staple in the Gaspésie tour.

Gérald Ruffet


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I like hiking , I hike once a week in the National Trail area Laurentides, Lanaudière , Mauricie and Outtawais .

I sponsor trails Legacy and Hallelujah totaling 40 kilometers National Trail , I cut the trees that fell in the path , I cut the branches and regrowth of the year , I set tags to places that lack . A lot of work but the satisfaction is great.

During my summer vacation , I'll Gaspésie for hiking in the beautiful International Appalachian Trail and appreciate the beautiful views, the mountains and the sea. A different landscape and especially to dream throughout the year .

I appreciate all the efforts that are in the way , it's not easy. Vive hiking ...

Michel Vallée


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I am fortunate to live in the Gaspé, between sea and mountains and of course I took advantage of my environment by walking the trails in my area , namely Gaspésie National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, because I remain Cap-Chat . Yes, I am like you, a lover of nature and I am very happy to enjoy safely.

This huge playground for us and we must make it a duty to protect , participate in the development and especially the maintenance of its trails to ensure sustainability . Future generations are also entitled to this gem .

Happy trails to all.


François Boulanger


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Éric Chouinard


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Director of IAT-QC

Claude-Réal Duchesne


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Gisèle Grandbois


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Éric Harrison


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Guy Martel

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Clémence Pepin


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Responsable of the Comitee of Upper-Gaspé

Thru Hiker of IAT-QC in 2014.

Claudine Roy

President and fondator of the Traversées de la Gaspésie

Brigitte Tardif


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Brigitte Thibault

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Andrew Wake


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