Upper Gaspé


From Gaspesie National Park to Grande-Vallée, 106 km

A trail, the mountain, sea, what a fairyhood! Deer tribe, gallinaces, cetacea, gaspesiens insects, very singular flora, a course of village in village, along the sea and in mountain, what to satisfy here most curious, most loving about nature.

By traversing the trail of the Saint-Pierre valley, you discover the treasures of an ecosystem incredibly diversified. You will walk sometimes on a foam carpet or will climb the peak of the glacier valley, you will pass from the boreal forest at the seaside, along a river which is caught for an ocean. A nature where you find, at certain places of the thujas occidentalis of at least 400 years old.

Camp-site of the Jacques-Cartier mount you are at one day of walk of the  Cabourons refuge (13,7 km) overhanging the valley and letting  you guessing, by his panorama, the sea which you will join at the end of one day of walk. Passed the Mount-Saint-Pierre campground (21,3 km) you then discover the picturesque village of Mount-Saint-Pierre recognized by the followers of coasting flight.

Thereafter, from village to village, you will be then the witnesses of the "natural beauty" and the gaspesienne culture. From Mount-Saint-Pierre, the trail takes the configuration of the edge of sea, by small jumps where mounts and valleys follows for initially reaching Mount-Louis (6,6 km), then Anse-Pleureuse (7 km), Gros-Morne (8 km), Manche-d'Epee (8,8 km), Madeleine-Centre (12,9 km) and Riviere-Madeleine (2 km). This chain of courses and of worth supplements the Upper Gaspe sector.

Perhaps along the coast, you will see the breath of a whale. But no matter what you make, at the end one day of walk, do not deaden too quickly. It is the country of most beautiful the sunset and the night holds surely its aurorae boreales for you, unforgettable spectacles.

PR® Upper Gaspé

Upper Gaspé

Camping Parc et mer Mont-Louis
Accommodation / Ecotouristic activities
18, 10th Street W, Mont-Louis, CP 190, QC, G0E 1T0

Le Délice Motel Restaurant
Food service / Accommodation
100 Prudent-Cloutier, Mont-St-Pierre, QC, G0E 1V0
www.audelice.com / info@audelice.com
1-888-797-2955, 418-797-2850

Les Flots Bleus Motel
18, Prudent-Cloutier, Mont-St-Pierre, QC, G0E 1V0

Valmont Plein Air
Shuttle service / Food drop / Kayak /Topo map sale / Bistro
Jérôme Landry, 10 Notre-Dame Est, Cap-Chat, QC, G0J 1G0
www.valmontpleinair.com / valmontpleinair@globetrotter.net


Upper Gaspe RCM



Centre d'interprétation de la recherche et du développement de l'énergie éolienne - Éole Cap-Chat, Cap-Chat
Visit the official site (since 1988) of the Wind Energy Interpretation Centre.

Observe the highest vertical axis windmill in the world and the first most important windmill park east of Canada, Le Nordais.Guided tours of the interior structure of the vertical axis windmill. See how this particular technology works. Learn about the windmill's history and its specific goals. Discover the meaning of "Eole".

Wind energy
• is clean, economical and eternally renewed; once transformed, is an excellent alternative source of energy
• accessible throughout the world; tested in the past, overlooked and now rediscovered with success;
• helps to reduce gas emitted waste into our atmosphere, consequently, applying Kyoto's Convention requirements against global-warming towards a safer environmental future.

From June 20th to October 15th, daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Minimum length of visit: 60 minutes. Entrance fees apply, reservations required for groups.

The site is located at Cap-Chat West, the Route du village du Cap is perpendicular to the Route 132. You will find a reception office at the entrance of the site, facing the parking. 


Exploramer, la mer à découvrir, Sainte-Anne-des-Monts

Interpretation center
Located just a stone's throw from the sea, Exploramer is dedicated to interpret and to exploit the marine environment. You could visit, among other things, few itinerant exhibitions, which talk about the sea, its resources and its utilisation by the man. This year, the beluga is the star with the exhibition "Pour la suite des bélugas", realised by the Biôdome de Montréal.

Exploramer also suggests a journey under the waters of the St. Lawrence River with the exhibition "The sea", that presents numerous aquariums and a hands-on-bassin, where many species of the marine environment of the St. Lawrence River live.

Ecotourism excursion "Discovering the sea"
The Exploramer, a zodiac of 18 passengers, allows you to live an unique ecotourism excursion. Raising marine organism compartments, taking scientific datas and observing marine mammals and birds are few of the activities you could take part on the boat.

The Exploramer shop offers varied articles related to the maritime environment, made by artists and craftsman from Gaspésie.
Other services
• Conference room
• Pedagogic programs
• Bilingualism in every services
• Access to persons with limited physical ability
• Outdoor tower observation
• Beach, wharf and marina close by

Interpretation Centre Schedule: daily, June 6th to October 12th 2009, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Average length of visit: 4 hours.

Admission fees.
Ecotourism Excursion: daily, June 7th to August 31st, and on reservation, from September 1st to October 12th 2009.  Découverte du Saint-Laurent: 11 a.m.  and 3:30 p.m., Un laboratoire sur la mer : 1:45 p.m.



Mount Lyall agates mine

In open-pit mine, become prospector and pick yourself beautiful agates and geodes. Discover, in this rare volcano (350 million years), semi-precious stones (quartz, amethyst, cornelian, jasper and more).

We provide equipment and training. Bring your own boot, glass, food. Picnic area on site and two diamond saws for cutting your rock. You can also visit a small museum presenting minerals and gems and a gift shop. One of the best family activity

Reservation necessary for groups of 20 people or more only.
From Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, take road 299 South. After 57 km, take the intersection leading to Murdochville for 1.5 km on a gravel road. You will then get a track on your right leading to the camp. From New Richmond, take road 299 North for 85 km.
Schedule: From June 13th to August 23th, daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. From August 24th to September 30th, daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Average lenght of visit: 3 hours.
Collection fee: $30/pers. Visit and taxes included.
Mine and exhibit visit: Adults $8, children $5, free for children (less than 6 years old), taxes included.

Better than a package deal! Determinate in your group how many digger or visitor you want and you can all participate in the activity together (every digger are allowed to a full pale of 50 pounds).


Musée des phares, La Martre

Discover a lighthouse with a unique wooden structure operating since 1906. The rotation of the lighting module is still operated by the original clockwork system. Experience the strength of the wind while enjoying the romantism of the gallery.
In the fog signal building, a permanent exhibit gives you a glimpse of the genius, from the 1700's to today, behind the development of magnificent  lighthouse lights.

Schedule: mid-June to mid-September, daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (guided visit).

Admission fees. Reservations recommended for groups of 15 people or more.