Upper Gaspé


From Gaspesie National Park to Grande-Vallée, 106 km

A trail, the mountain, sea, what a fairyhood! Deer tribe, gallinaces, cetacea, gaspesiens insects, very singular flora, a course of village in village, along the sea and in mountain, what to satisfy here most curious, most loving about nature.

By traversing the trail of the Saint-Pierre valley, you discover the treasures of an ecosystem incredibly diversified. You will walk sometimes on a foam carpet or will climb the peak of the glacier valley, you will pass from the boreal forest at the seaside, along a river which is caught for an ocean. A nature where you find, at certain places of the thujas occidentalis of at least 400 years old.

Camp-site of the Jacques-Cartier mount you are at one day of walk of the  Cabourons refuge (13,7 km) overhanging the valley and letting  you guessing, by his panorama, the sea which you will join at the end of one day of walk. Passed the Mount-Saint-Pierre campground (21,3 km) you then discover the picturesque village of Mount-Saint-Pierre recognized by the followers of coasting flight.

Thereafter, from village to village, you will be then the witnesses of the "natural beauty" and the gaspesienne culture. From Mount-Saint-Pierre, the trail takes the configuration of the edge of sea, by small jumps where mounts and valleys follows for initially reaching Mount-Louis (6,6 km), then Anse-Pleureuse (7 km), Gros-Morne (8 km), Manche-d'Epee (8,8 km), Madeleine-Centre (12,9 km) and Riviere-Madeleine (2 km). This chain of courses and of worth supplements the Upper Gaspe sector.

Perhaps along the coast, you will see the breath of a whale. But no matter what you make, at the end one day of walk, do not deaden too quickly. It is the country of most beautiful the sunset and the night holds surely its aurorae boreales for you, unforgettable spectacles.

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Upper Gaspé

Camping Parc et mer Mont-Louis
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Le Délice Motel Restaurant
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Les Flots Bleus Motel
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Valmont Plein Air
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