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Sentier international des Appalaches - Québec

Avignon and Matapedia Valley

This page covers two distinct IAT-QC sections (Matapedia and Avignon), but because they are both covered by the same topographic map, this page will cover both sections.  For commodity reasons they will be talked about either jointly or seperately throughout the site.


From Matapedia to Assemetquagan river - 50,5 km

This sector offers possibilities of escapades for a few hours or expeditions with nights in refuges. Matapedia, "where the rivers meet" in micmac language opens the door of the IAT in Quebec. According to the first "Thru-Hiker" come from the south, Matapedia proves to be "Trail Town" of first choice, offering the services necessary to the walkers in a decoration of rivers and mountains. This section marks the transition between the fir plantation from the center from the peninsula and the maple trees from the slopes from Restigouche. The trail offers a variety of landscapes, ecosystems forest, deep valleys and points of sights to mountainsides.

Overhanging the village of Matapedia, the "course of the two rivers" offers at the same time an astonishing point of view on the meeting of the rivers and a vision of the rock of the Appalachian Mountains. The crossing of the Saint-Andrew sector to Sainte-Marguerite, in the Valley has a level of hiking sometimes technical and advanced, but also of the splendid landscapes and impregnated of legends.

In Saint-Andrew you can sleep in refuge or campsite. Towards the canyon of Northern Clark, a built refuge with mountainside makes it possible to appreciate the sunset on the valley. Continuously you cross a mountainous solid mass sheltering mooses, you go down in a luxuriant canyon and impressing and you go along the buttresses of the Assemetquagan river where the salmons were swimming on a quartz bottom which reflects the light. The "camp with Pete" is there.

From the river Assemetquagan to the River Matane 131,8 km

This route sometimes borrows old paths of forest wardens, old runways of Canadian elks, forest ways were abandoned as well as the secondary roads of six municipalities. The walker of short or of long hike will discover all the wealth and the diversity of a forest and agricultural valley. Country of rivers, the Valley is recognized for his salmons, its beautiful forests and its green fields. The walker who likes hearing the sound of the water and the wind and who adores observing the signs of the presence of the flora and fauna from Quebec will be capable of living an unforgettable experience.

In Vallée-de-la-Matapédia, the long-term walker can thus get fresh supplies in several municipalities situated along the path. Around the road 132, several points of access allow the walkers who wish to make some short hike join easily the path. The main crossed municipalities are saint-Marguerite, Causapscal, Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs, Lac-au-Saumon, Amqui and Saint-Vianney. This route of village in village allows to discover the famous Fall to Philomène to Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs, to observe the salmons in the falls of the river Causapscal and in the site of Swamps, to cross two magnificent bridges covered in the municipality of Amqui, to walk in the regional park of the Seigneury of the lake Matapédia and to be very closely next to saint - Marguerite's high wind turbines. The path thus combines the matapédienne culture and its rustic environment with the outdoor experience in wild environment. The walker benefits from a refuge in the Hollow brook to 15 km of saint-Marguerite as well as from 8 shelters in campings or municipal parks (with the exception of shelters 3 Sisters, maple grove and the Falls which are situated in forest). It is thus possible to make this section without the weight of a tent.

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Matapedia Valley

From Assemetquagan river to  Matane river - 132,8 km

The sector of the Valley, which extends at a distance from 132,8 kilometers, is between the sector of Matapedia and the Matane Wildlife reserve. The course is done sometimes in old trails of gamekeeper and in some occasions along the municipalities. The hiker of short and long excursion will discover all the richnesses and diversities of a valley with forest and agricultural vocation. Country of rivers, the valley is recognized for its salmons and its beautiful forests. The hiker who likes to hear water and wind and which adores to observe the signs of presence in quebecer fauna will be able to live his passions to satiety

In Matapedia Valley, the followers of long excursions will be able to supply themselves in each five municipality along the trail. Several accesses are available for those which prefer the short excursion. The IAT crosses the municipalities of Ste-Marguerite, Causapscal, St-Alexandre-of-Lakes, Amqui and St-Vianney. Throughout the trail, of village in village, you will be able to observe salmons jumping the falls of the Causapscal river, the falls of Philomene at St-Alexandre-of-Lakes, the arboretum in the Seigniory of the Matapedia lake close to Amqui, sites of coasting flight close of the Salmon lake. The trail combines the matapedienne culture and its country environment in zones of full wild air and untamed. The hiker will be able to benefit from two refuges located in the sectors of Ste-Marguerite and Amqui. Moreover, platforms of camp-site are available to each day of walk (between 12 and 20 km).

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Matapedia Valley sector

Avignon sector

Map Modifications

Do you have any IAT topographical maps?

For those who have in their possession IAT topographical maps, we are posting recent modifications in which you will find new routes as well as the location of campsites that were moved or added.

Modifications (last modification : 2010-07-20)

Feel free to contact us for more information.

GPS Tracks of  IAT-QC sectors

Sector of Avignon

Sector of Matapedia Valley 

Sector of Matane Wildlife Reserve 

Sector 1 of Gaspesie Park

Sector 2 of Gaspesie Park

Sector of Upper Gaspesie

Sector of Gaspe Coast

Sector of Forillon National Park

Plan an emergency measure the Matane Wildlife Reserve

Poste John / Montagne à Valcourt
   Montagne à Valcourt / Lac Beaulieu   Lac Beaulieu / Ruisseau Bascon
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SIA Mrc de Matane

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General Maps (Matapedia and Matapedia Valley)

These maps are presented to give a general idea of the course of the trail.  However, if you are planning a hike, you should buy the topographic maps which present information about the distances, the access trails and the campsites.  Even if you are planning a short hike, it is highly recommended that you buy the topographic map related to the area you are going to hike in.  Finally, it will be easier for IAT - QC employees to answer you questions if you have the topographic maps with you.  Pleas visit the Topographic Maps section for more information.


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Sections of the IAT in Québec 

Matapedia Valley


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