Avignon and Matapedia Valley


This page covers two distinct IAT-QC sections (Matapedia and Avignon), but because they are both covered by the same topographic map, this page will cover both sections.  For commodity reasons they will be talked about either jointly or seperately throughout the site.




From Matapedia to Assemetquagan river - 50,5 km

This sector offers possibilities of escapades for a few hours or expeditions with nights in refuges. Matapedia, "where the rivers meet" in micmac language opens the door of the IAT in Quebec. According to the first "Thru-Hiker" come from the south, Matapedia proves to be "Trail Town" of first choice, offering the services necessary to the walkers in a decoration of rivers and mountains. This section marks the transition between the fir plantation from the center from the peninsula and the maple trees from the slopes from Restigouche. The trail offers a variety of landscapes, ecosystems forest, deep valleys and points of sights to mountainsides.

Overhanging the village of Matapedia, the "course of the two rivers" offers at the same time an astonishing point of view on the meeting of the rivers and a vision of the rock of the Appalachian Mountains. The crossing of the Saint-Andrew sector to Sainte-Marguerite, in the Valley has a level of hiking sometimes technical and advanced, but also of the splendid landscapes and impregnated of legends.

In Saint-Andrew you can sleep in refuge or campsite. Towards the canyon of Northern Clark, a built refuge with mountainside makes it possible to appreciate the sunset on the valley. Continuously you cross a mountainous solid mass sheltering mooses, you go down in a luxuriant canyon and impressing and you go along the buttresses of the Assemetquagan river where the salmons were swimming on a quartz bottom which reflects the light. The "camp with Pete" is there.

Avignon sector


Nature Aventure

Ecotourism activities / Hiking / Shuttle service / Transport luggage / Drop Food / Retail passport and topo maps of IAT-Qc

Geneviève Labonté  CP. 156, Matapédia, Qc, G0C 1V0
natureaventure@gmail.com / www.matapediaaventure.com

Avignon RCM




Battle of the Ristigouche, National Historic Site of Canada
Through the presentation of numerous remnants from underwater archaeological excavations made on the wreck of the French pirate frigate The Machault, the interpretation centre commemorates the last naval battle between France and England for possession of the New France in 1760. Acadian refugees from la Petite Rochelle and Micmacs from Listuguj supported this relief expedition by shooting at the English Royal Navy squadron. A set recreates the interior of this ship and a film relates the events of the naval confrontation. Animators in costume from July to August depending on staff availability.

Schedule: early June to October 12th, daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., reservations required after these dates.

Average length of Visit: 60 minutes.

Admission: applicable rates. Reservations recommended for groups.


Oratoire Notre-Dame-du-Mont-St-Joseph, Carleton-sur-Mer

What could be more intriguing than an oratory high up on a mountain? The Oratoire Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Saint-Joseph dominates the 555 metres of the Mont Saint-Joseph since 1935. By taking a guided tour, discover the magnificent mosaics, stained glass windows and numerous marble pieces. Outside, take advantage of the rest area, the footbridge and its viewpoints which offer an impressive view of the Bay landscape. Access to Carleton-Maria hiking trails. Various interpretation activities, exhibits, souvenir shop.

Schedule: daily, mid-June to early September from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and from September to October from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Average length of Visit: 1.5 hours.

Admission fees.


Centre d’interprétation sur l’historique du chemin Kempt, Restigouche-Partie-Sud-Est
The interpretation centre relates the history of the first road linking the Bay and the Acadie to the rest of Canada. Our Gaspesian ancestors travelled on this only access road as early as the beginning of the 19th century.

Located in the former St-John United Church of Canada, the interpretation centre features old and authentic archives: manuscripts, maps, photographs and other historic documents. You will also find an art gallery, a handicraft shop with artworks made by local painters and artisans as well as a collection of antique objects and furniture.

Three kilometres from Route 132, from the parking lot, two hiking trails incite your senses to benefit from nature. The waterfalls trail follows a ravine, then passes over the stream with its small wooden bridges. Cascades and torrents are present all the way to the waterfalls. The bird-watching trail goes through flowery fields and undergrowth. Its picnic area offers an amazing view of the Kempt River.

Schedule: June 28th to September 7th, daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Free Admission. Guided tour available.


Parc national de Miguasha, Nouvelle
Miguasha Park conserves a fossil rich cliff with a worldwide reputation since its discovery in the 1800s. The fossilized fish and plants are proof of an environment that existed some 380 million years ago. Remarkably preserved, the Miguasha fish fossils help us to understand the passage of vertebrates from aquatic to terrestrial life. Member of the Québec Park Network, Miguasha Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized as an exceptional natural site.

A tour of the Musée d'histoire naturelle allows you to enjoy a captivating scientific experience in the universe of fossils. Guided tour available from June 1st to October 13th. Self guided tour during the rest of the year. Activities and services: Plongée aux origines (Journey deep into the origins) at the amphitheatre, Les sciences de la mer (Marine sciences) in the temporary exhibit hall, Le Dévonien restaurant, and L’Échoppe boutique. Picnic areas. Two-kilometre trail (the trail and cliff are not accessible to people with reduced mobility). A happy mix of science and nature for visitors of all ages.

Schedule: daily, June 1st to October 12th, daily. From June 1st to July 11th and August 23rd to October 12th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. From July 12th to August 22nd from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The remainder of the year, open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Closed on statutory holidays.

Average length of Visit: 1.5 hours. Reservations mandatory for groups.

Admission: admission fees for the park and the Musée d’histoire naturelle. Reduced rates for groups, youth and families. Free admission for children under 6 years old and for some youths groups. Annual pass for the park or for the network.

Matapedia Valley

From the river Assemetquagan to the River Matane 131,8 km

This route sometimes borrows old paths of forest wardens, old runways of Canadian elks, forest ways were abandoned as well as the secondary roads of six municipalities. The walker of short or of long hike will discover all the wealth and the diversity of a forest and agricultural valley. Country of rivers, the Valley is recognized for his salmons, its beautiful forests and its green fields. The walker who likes hearing the sound of the water and the wind and who adores observing the signs of the presence of the flora and fauna from Quebec will be capable of living an unforgettable experience.

In Vallée-de-la-Matapédia, the long-term walker can thus get fresh supplies in several municipalities situated along the path. Around the road 132, several points of access allow the walkers who wish to make some short hike join easily the path. The main crossed municipalities are saint-Marguerite, Causapscal, Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs, Lac-au-Saumon, Amqui and Saint-Vianney. This route of village in village allows to discover the famous Fall to Philomène to Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs, to observe the salmons in the falls of the river Causapscal and in the site of Swamps, to cross two magnificent bridges covered in the municipality of Amqui, to walk in the regional park of the Seigneury of the lake Matapédia and to be very closely next to saint - Marguerite's high wind turbines. The path thus combines the matapédienne culture and its rustic environment with the outdoor experience in wild environment. The walker benefits from a refuge in the Hollow brook to 15 km of saint-Marguerite as well as from 8 shelters in campings or municipal parks (with the exception of shelters 3 Sisters, maple grove and the Falls which are situated in forest). It is thus possible to make this section without the weight of a tent.

Matapedia sector


Auberge Ambassadeur
Accommodation / Food service
266, boul. St-Benoît Ouest, Amqui, Qc, G5J 2E8
418-629-6464 / 1-888-588-6464
info@auberge-ambassadeur.com / www.auberge-ambassadeur.com

Auberge La Coulée Douce
Accommodation / Food service
21, Boudreau, Causapscal, Qc, G0J 1J0
418-756-5270 / 1-888-756-5270
lacouleedouce@globetrotter.net / www.lacouleedouce.com

Camp Sable Chaud
Nature / Class Summer Camp 6-17 / rental room and building 
530, rang St-Philippe, Amqui, Qc, G5J 2P1
418-629-3747 / 1-877-629-3747
camp_sable_chaud@hotmail.com / www.campsablechaud.com

Camping d’Amqui
686,  Route 132,  C.P. 5025  Amqui, Qc, G5J 2H1
info@campingamqui.com / www.campingamqui.com

Camping municipal de Causapscal
601, Route 132 Ouest, Causapscal, Qc, G0J 1J0

Domaine du lac Matapédia
Accommodation / Private beach
780,  Route 132 Ouest, Amqui, Qc, G5J 2H1
info@domainedulac.com / www.domainedulac.com

Matapedia Valley RCM




Maison Dr. Joseph-Frenette, Causapscal
Joseph Frenette (1866-1953) was a rural doctor, a profession that no longer exists today. He dedicated his life to treating the ill and injured, delivering children and saving lives. The exhibit created in his home pays tribute to this great citizen, the first doctor who lived in Causapscal, but also to all the doctors without whom this region, such as many others in Québec, could not have developed and prospered.

Like an open book, the objects, texts and photographs, as well as the multimedia of this exhibit, invite you to enter his family and professional universe, and understand the important role of rural doctors in the history of Québec.

Schedule: June 22th to September 14th, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Average length of Visit: 1 to 1.5 hours.
Admission fees: Adult $5, student and senior $4.25, family $15. Reservations needed for groups.

Package price Maison Dr Joseph-Frenette and Matamajaw Historical Site: Adult $8.50, student and senior $7, family $26.


Matamajaw Historical Site
Legend has it that the first sport fisherman to cast a line at Causapscal was Lord Mount Stephen. Around 1870, he established his very own private fishing estate by buying up much of the property along the banks of the Matapédia and Causapscal Rivers.

In the early 1900's, a group of wealthy American and English Canadian businessmen purchased Lord Mount Stphen's estate and founded the Matamajaw Salmon Club.

For more than 60 years, the luxurious Club was a second home to members and their guests, lured by the prospect of measuring their strength and cunning against the king of our rivers, the Atlantic salmon.

Visitors to the Matamajaw Historical Site are offered a taste of the adventure-filled world of salmon fishing. On-site exhibits and activities provide a glimpse of life at an exclusive fishing club, while allowing you to increase your knowledge of an enthralling sport and a truly exceptional species, the Atlantic salmon.

The installation of a reconstructed salmon pool provides a splendid opportunity for observe Atlantic salmon in their natural habitat through a glass partition. Parc des Fourches, which borders the Matapédia and Causapscal Rivers, is thew ideal location for observing the finess and fury of salmon fishing. Bilingual exhibition.

Open The Matamajaw Historical Site is open from Tuesday to Sunday. June 22th to September 15th, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Fees Adult $5, student $4.25, seniors $4.25, family $15, group rate.

Package price Maison Dr Joseph-Frenette and Matamajaw Historical Site: Adult $8.50, student and senior $7, family $26.