Gaspe coast


From Madeleine river to Forillon National Park 122,6 km

Between the sea and the mountains, the trail unrolls its ribbon of landscapes and surprises. Impossible to describe all; the fauna, the flora and the geomorphology are too rich and diversified there. By traversing the IAT, you discover how the Gaspesiens lives and how they arrange their territory: forest roads, floors of cut, rivers where salmon is fished, purveyances proposing various services, cultural places or historical, maple trees and harbour of fishing are only some examples of their achievements.

The trail leads you to visit, of village in village, the gaspesienne coast. Each agglomeration has its small history. Each municipality has a heart, a characteristic. It is up to you to discover them. For example: Madeleine and her singular bell-tower; Grande-Vallée and its covered bridge; Petite-Vallée and its song festival; Saint-Yvon who was attacked by a torpedo; Anse-à-Valleau which lived the exile of the headlight of Pointe-à-la-Renommée. You can also make a turning by Cloridorme and its 15 lakes, Saint-Maurice-of-de l'Échourie and its picturesque port and inform at Rivière-au-renard of the revolt of the fishermen of 1909. In all these villages one finds panels of information to guide you on the IAT and to allow you to plan one day of excursion. You can also leave your car in each one of these villages and leave to discovered the IAT for one or more days.

As everywhere else, on the trail, you can find a shelter , while benefitting the services offered in the villages or, with intervals from 8 to 15 kilometers, on sites of camp-site or refuges arranged by the IAT and rented by the SÉPAQ.

Follow the beacons and the indication of the IAT and traverse Gaspe coast: end of the grounds, the cradle of Canada. Welcome!

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Gaspé Coast

Auberge La Petite École de Forillon et Centre communautaire de loisir de Cap-aux-Os

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