Gaspesie National Park

Mont Olivine - Gaspesie National Park



From mount Jacques-Cartier to mount Logan 103,1 km

In the heart of the Gaspesie are the highest mountains among of Quebec. The mounts Logan, Albert, Xalibu or Jacques-Cartier have an altitude of more than 1000 meters, but they have also the characteristic to accomodate the hikers of the International Appalachian Trail.

You can cross the Gaspesie Park from east to west the trail of long excursion of 105 km. This section was the first being incorporated in the International Appalachian Trail and was added to the important network of daily excursions.

The high mountains of the park are crowned alpine tundras. In full summer, here and there, plates of snow are long in melting. Rare conifers are twisted by winters without mercy. Coloured flowers brighten a rock ground. Caribous wander in the search of thin pastures. As many characteristics which contribute to make Chic-Chocs a place of extremely spectacular excursion.

To circulate inside the Gaspesie Park implies the compliance with certain rules:

  • One must obligatorily hold his place in refuge. The wild camp-site is not authorized in the park.
  • All waste including those biodegradable must be brought back: there is no dustbin in the refuges.
  • The hiker must remain in the paths. Trampling has a destroying impact on the Arctic-alpine vegetation.

For the safety of the hikers and the protection of the natural environment, the long excursion in the Gaspesie Park is offered only in estival period. Indeed, before mid-June, several portions of paths are blocked by snow!

In October, the access to the top of the mounts Albert, Jacques-Cartier and Richardson is prohibited. The purpose of this measurement is to prevent the disturbance of the caribous for the rut period.

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General Maps (Gaspesie National Park)


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