Choice of your Section Passport

Ask the great IAT hikers what they found special about each of the sections. It is with great enthusiasm that they will answer you by describing the thousand and one breathtaking elements that they have been given to observe during their adventures on the Trail.

Whether it's by talking to you about the moments spent contemplating the fabulous falls found in each of the sections or even their crossings of the unique atmospheres of the boreal forest, the SIA has made them live experiences that are good for you; nourishing experiences!

You will therefore have understood; each of the 7 sections of the Trail has its own wonders and it's up to you to discover them!


So, before you let your heart decide where your next adventure will take place, know that for all sections, each of the campsites includes a maximum of one day of hiking before the next and includes at least a shelter and a platform.


You are therefore assured that, when evening comes, you will have your place on a platform, in a shelter or in a refuge and will thus be able to offer yourself the most restorative sleep; A sleep lulled by the true silence of the night.

Refuge du Corbeau

Avignon Passport

  • 86.9 km

  • From Matapedia to Causapscal

  • 8 SIA campsites


le zéphyr_edited.jpg

Côte-de-Gaspé Passport

  • 94.3 km

  • From Grande-Vallée to the junction of Route 197, Rivière-au-Renard

  • 6 SIA campsites


Matapedia Valley Passport

  • 90.2 km

  • From Causapscal to the Matane River

  • 7 SIA campsites

Abri du SIA de Lac-Matane, MRC de la Matanie

Matane Wildlife Reserve Passport

  • 80.8km

  • From the Matane River to the Petit-Sault parking lot

  • 9 SIA campsites