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Against deception Artist her music can be found on all streaming platforms some include Spotify, i Tunes, Deezer, Amazon i heart radio and pandora FAST WORSHIP SONGS

Everyone understands that praises are fast songs, while worship is slow songs. This is a bad concept within the Christian body. Can we be worshiping God through fast or moving songs? Yes, we can do it since worship does not depend on how fast or moving the music or song is being interpreted but depends on the postures of the body and the heart's intention at the time of worshiping God. All parts of worship have to do directly with the posture of the body. To get to know this concept, let's start by defining praise and worship.

PRAISE Fast Worship songs Recognition of the greatness of God. Proclamation and declaration of who God is and his powerful deeds, expressing them with joy, excitement, sounds, and music. Praise is joy, gladness, exaltation, and above all, public recognition that God is our God. It carries music, noise, psaltery. Psalms worship songs chapter 150, verse 6: "Whatever breaths, praise the Lord." We were created to praise and exalt his name through praise, through every sound and every statement we can make on his behalf. Fast Worship songs.