Introduction to long trekking




In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The Sentier international des Appalaches - Québec (SIA-QC), a long hiking route, crossing the Gaspé for 650 km and offering 1 to 40 days of camping trips, rustic shelters and refuges, wish to develop its traffic by promoting training of independent hikers interested in this type of outdoor adventure. The initiation packages offered by Nature Aventure are available in the Avignon sector. A forest hiking area on mountainous terrain that crosses the mountains and streams and river as well as the village of St-André-de-Ristigouche and ends in Matapedia. You will have the chance to see 2 magnificent lookouts, waterfalls and experience the fords.


  • This training is aimed at hiking enthusiasts who wish to develop their skills, knowledge and experience in order to carry out a long hike activity independently. Suitable for people 13 years and over who are in good physical shape.



  • This training is offered in semi-guided semi-coaching mode. The participant will be involved in all phases of the training in order to develop his autonomy.

  • • Develop in the participant the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out a long hike project over 3, 4 or 5 days according to your choice.

  • • Support the participant in his learning process in a context supervised by a professional guide.

  • • Make known the IAT-QC and its long hike options by discussing other sectors.




  • The first training will last for 3 days on the 609 beacon near the St-Étienne stream in Matapedia, totaling 39 km. 2 nights in a refuge (Le Corbeau and Le Turcotte).

  • The second 4-day training course from Ste-Marguerite to the heart of the village of St-André de Restigouche, totaling 51 km. 2 nights in a refuge and 1 night in a campsite (Creux stream refuge, St-Étienne stream campsite and Le Corbeau refuge).

  • The third training lasting 5 days from Ste-Marguerite to Matapédia totaling 67 km. 3 nights in huts and 1 night in camping (Creux stream hut, St-Étienne brook campsite, Le Corbeau hut and Turcotte hut).

  • Participants must arrive prepared, having received instructions to follow before the training.

  • Food is included and each participant will have a load of food to carry.

  • A list of equipment to provide will be provided to the participant.

  • Group material will be provided by Nature Aventure.



  • The outdoors Without a trace;

  • Planning before departure;

  • The outdoor kitchen;

  • Equipment;

  • The first aid kit;

  • The survival kit;

  • Walking techniques;

  • Risk management and the emergency plan

  • Weather


  • Transportation from Matapedia to the access points of the International Appalachian Trail

  • A qualified guide / trainer

  • Energy-boosting meals and snacks

  • Accommodation

  • Backpack and walking stick on request

  • Kitchen equipment for the group (cauldron, small stove, bowl, tarpaulin, water filter)

  • The taxes