Distance tables


Please note that there may have been trail changes after the tables were created, so it is important to rely on the tags on the maps rather than the tables, created by different hikers.

Distance table according to maps

Here is a table of distances made according to the maps of SIA-QC in 2019. It is in Excel format, which may be useful for you to draft your route. -Last updated in 2019

Distance table with Height differences and planning tools

Hiking tools developed by Mr. Michel Auger:
-Detailed topographic maps by section. They also allow to know the origin of the toponym of the places encountered, to learn about the fauna, the flora, the geology and the history of the region.
-Additional documents on the trail, fauna, flora and geology to deepen certain aspects.
-Two Excel files allowing long hike planning.
-A Google Earth file allowing you to fly over the trail in 3D and discover sectors and viewpoints inaccessible by hiking.

Last updated in 2021

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Data table for the GR® A1 Great Crossing

Here is a new and very complete data table to help you navigate the International Appalachian Trail-Quebec GR®A1, created by Mr. Denis Gilbert in 2015. Updated in April 2017

For more information see the M.Gilbert website: www.VoyagerUltraLeger.com

Stage duration evaluation table

This last table presents an evaluation of the distances and the time required between each stage, for the sections of Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec. It was designed by John "Plugger" Stough following his hike in 2009. It will be useful for you to create your itinerary, but it is important to note that there has been an addition of 6 accommodation sites since this table has been created, but it remains available for information.