Dépôts de Ravitaillement

Points deposit

Post office and partners

You can send dry food parcels in advance to certain post offices that meet the SIA (list below) and to some of our partners. Please be sure to follow the form below.

NB: For Parc de la Gaspésie (Service Center), add your passport number or reservation number.

In the Matane Wildlife Reserve

To cross the Matane Wildlife Reserve, three supply drop-off boxes are available at the entrances to the Stationnement des Pins (KM 458), the Lac Matane campsite and the Petit-Sault campsite. It is possible to deposit non-perishable food yourself in these places, or a delivery service is possible for a cost of $ 45 (Des Pins, Lac Matane) and $ 55 (Petit-Sault, or 2 or 3) ), if the box is sent two weeks in advance. For delivery on request or last minute, the price is $ 100 to $ 125.


Des Pins only (KM 458): $ 45 + txs

Lac Matane only: $ 45 + txs

Petit-Sault only: $ 55 + txs

2 or more supplies: $ 45 + tax if the farthest is Lac Matane and $ 55 + tax if the farthest is at Petit-Sault.


Address of the SIA-QC to send your parcels, either by post, transporter or bus:


968 avenue du Phare Ouest,

Matane, QC

G4W 1V7

Phone: 418-560-4642

In the Gaspésie National Park

The park will not offer a refueling service in 2020 due to the Covid measures.


The SIA will temporarily carry out the supply service at the following sites:


  1. Camping de la Rivière 100 $ + txs

  2. Au Lac Cascapédia 120 $ + txs

  3. At Camping Jacques-Cartier $ 140 + txs

  4. Options 1 and 2 180 $ + txs

  5. The three options $ 240 + txs


Furthermore taxes

We offer this service to allow you to cross in 2020. Prices are higher due to the distance to be traveled.



International Mail

For a shipment from one country to another, precisely list the contents of the package using the form provided by the post office. The more precise the declaration, the less likely your package will be held at customs. Remember that international mail takes longer to reach its destination. Keep the original packaging with the description of the products.

Before sending us a food package if you are outside of Canada, please contact us for other possible options. Email: infosiacbec@gmail.com or by phone: 418-560-4642

 International Appalachian Trail of Quebec

 968 Avenue du Phare O, Matane, (Québec) G4W 1V7

 Tél. 418-560-4642 | Email : infosiaquebec@gmail.com 

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