Forillon National Park of Canada

A daily access fee is required in Forillon Park

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From Rivière-au-Renard to Cap-Gaspé - 45 km

A landscape of sea and mountains, host of departure or arrival of the International Appalachian Trail, Forillon National Park will show you all the colors, from the beginning to the very end of your hike. The 1,079 km route begins or ends in Cap-Gaspé, at the very end of the Gaspé peninsula, nothing less!

The Forillon segment of the SIA begins at Rivière-au-Renard and ends at Cap-Gaspé, the land termination of the Appalachian chain. High mountains, ridges, bay and peninsula are an integral part of the landscape that accompanies you along the way. With a total distance of 45 km, it crosses the national park from west to east. The Forillon segment is divided into two sections: that of the hinterland and that of the peninsula.



This 36 km section links Rivière-au-Renard to Grande-Grave. It is the most rugged and especially the wildest part due to its remoteness and the lack of developed structures. The hinterland of Forillon, which follows the Lacs and Les Crêtes trails in the national park, includes three wilderness camping areas as well as a few lookouts. This land of black bear and moose may allow you to observe these wildlife species.
The highlight of this section is the observation tower of Mont Saint-Alban, located at 283 meters above sea level, which offers you a spectacular panorama overlooking the river and the gulf, Gaspé bay, Forillon, Gaspé and Percé. Offshore, on a clear day, fall victim to an illusion with the appearance of Anticosti in the distance.



Located from Grande-Grave to Cap-Gaspé, this section is undoubtedly the most spectacular but above all the most accessible. Its relatively short distance (9 km) makes it a very popular place for less experienced walkers. Many facilities facilitate hiking: stairs, lookouts, culverts, interpretation panels and kitchen shelter. The point features grandiose decorations and majestic characters: seals and whales could join the troop.

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Intermittent, increases near the reception and near Rivière-au-Renard

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